Chalukyan Cave Temples



Carved into an outcrop of red sandstone, the 5th-8th century Chalukyan cave temples at Badami are some of the most striking rock-cut temples in the Deccan. Each cave is dedicated to either Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha or the Jain Tirthankaras. The Vaishnava cave No. 3 is the largest and finest of this series. At either end of the porch are impressive figures dedicated to Vishnu carved in high relief--such as the image of Vishnu seated on the multi-hooded and coiled serpent, Ananta. The columns have multifaceted and fluted designs with lotus medallions on the shafts and brackets of amorous couples and comely maidens. On the interior walls are friezes illustrating scenes from Hindu epics, and the ceilings have medallions of various deities.

Badami, Northern Karnataka


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