Navjote Ritual

The most important ritual in the Parsi faith is the Navjote, the tying of the kusti, or sacred thread. The ceremony is performed by a priest who chants prayers while tying the kusti around the child’s waist. During the ritual, the girl or boy recites a prayer and chants the Ahuna-Vairya, the most ancient and powerful Mazdayasnan prayers. Parsis follow Zoroastrianism, a faith that originated in Persia but has its greatest numbers now in India, especially in Mumbai. According to the faith, a Parsi must actively resist evil, make a sincere effort to perfect oneself and, most importantly, promote good in the world. Placing an emphasis on the individual’s moral responsibility for the good of the community, Parsis are some of the nation’s most generous social citizens.

Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra


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