Viva Vision
"Area 51"

FSE is a corporate venture conceived in the 1990's as a way to draw tourists to the ailing historic "downtown" hotels/casinos of Las Vegas. FSE is a five-block-long pedestrian mall covered by a unique barrel-vault canopy 90 feet high with the underside made up of a high-tech LED motion-picture screen. The shows are free and can be viewed from any location or angle on the promenade.

The original "Fremont Street Experience Sound & Light Show" contained 2.1 million bulbs. In 2004-2006, at a cost of $17 million, the LG Corporation upgraded the canopy to 12.5 million synchronized LED modules, controlled by 10 computers in a central room.

"Viva Vision" is comprised of several distinctive after-dark shows choreographed to music.

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