Hubert Keller, Executive Chef/Creator of
leur de Lys at Mandalay Bay

Following the success of Fleur de Lys in San Franciso, ranked as one of the nation's top restaurants, Executive Chef/Creator Hubert Keller added two restaurants to Mandalay Bay's stellar dining line-up: the elegant signature Fleur de Lys Restaurant and Lounge, and the popular, upscale Burger Bar. Chef Keller is originally from France's Alsace region. Committed to a healthy cuisine—most of his recipes are low-fat—he was invited to contribute recipes for the New York Times bestseller, Eat More, Weigh Less.

The Las Vegas Fleur de Lys’ decor, from the logo on the door to the china on the table, was designed by San Francisco decorator Stanlee Gatti. Thirty-foot walls of cultured stone rise from the restaurant floor to the embossed wood ceilings. Dominating the wall of the main dining room is a live floral sculpture of more than 3,000 fresh-cut roses arranged in the shape of a giant leaf. The floral themes featured on the china are repeated with embroidery on the backs of the leather chairs in the dining room. A huge wine cellar on the second level is visible to guests.

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