Sepak Takraw



The exciting game of sepak takraw requires a very high level of agility, dexterity and endurance. It can be described as an acrobatic volleyball game in which the use of the hands is prohibited. Players are permitted to use their head, chest, feet, and thighs to propel the ball over the net which stands at a height of just under two meters at the center of the court. This fast-moving sport combines skills required in soccer--running, kicking and ball control; it involves complex moves, acrobatic skills, and the agility and strength of gymnastics. Players must also be able to react instantaneously, making quick turns, jumping and spiking as in volleyball. It is an inexpensive game requiring only a net, a ball made of rattan and six players of exceptional physical fitness. For this reason the game is popular in northeast India, especially in Manipur, and in the Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos and the Philippines

Imphal, Manipur


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