Siegfried & Roy receive a star on the Walk of Fame

Siegfried & Roy were honored by the Las Vegas Walk of Stars for their unparalleled entertainment career and their role in revolutionizing Las Vegas entertainment. The ceremony was held in front of the Siegfried & Roy statue at The Mirage, Siegfried & Roy’s entertainment home for more than 13 years.
Siegfried & Roy have won every conceivable award and honor bestowed in their field, both nationally and internationally. Siegfried & Roy’s camaraderie and performances with their Royal White Tigers and White Lions have become the entertainers’ trademark. However, their motivation has always been the conservation of these two extinct-in-the-wild species, and for years they have worked to protect and preserve these endangered animals through global awareness programs established on three continents.

Their charitable endeavors in Las Vegas are legendary. They have given their time, resources and even opened their home to help causes ranging from children to animals.

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