“Vegas Dead Ringers” Celebrity Softball Game

Celebrities couldn’t resist the challenge from tribute artists to a softball game taped for VH-1’s “The Surreal Life.” Identities of participating celebrities and tribute artist team players were kept a well-guarded secret prior to the event. First to arrive was the celebrity team, which included freestyle motocross legend and actor Carey Hart; super model Janice Dickinson; model and actress Caprice Bourret; actress Omarosa; actor Bronson Pinchot; and major league baseball player Jose Canseco. A stretch hummer then delivered the ten celebrity impersonators—Elvis, Madonna, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and their team captain (and most authentic “impersonator”) Ozzie Canseco, Jose’s identical twin brother.

Pitcher Tina Turner (Denita Asberry) warbled the national anthem before stepping to the mound to commence the game, with Elton John (Denny Denman) doing duty as shortstop and Michael Jackson (Kenny Whiz) playing left field. Stevie Wonder (Bobby Brooks), as umpire, displayed an uncanny ability to call balls and strikes, while an umbrella-toting personal assistant pranced alongside “Michael Jackson” throughout the game, protecting him from the hot desert sun. At bat, “Michael” hit a powerful line drive to the outfield and raced past first and second bases, at which time the compulsion to perform overcame all athletic aspirations causing him to pause, reverse directions, and score a perfectly-executed moon-walk to third. As custom dictates, shrieking, swooning fans rewarded Michael’s performance. Ultimately, the celebrities won.

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