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Lindsay Hebberd, President of Cultural Portraits Productions, Inc. (CPP) is an internationally acclaimed photographer, publisher and producer of educational photographic books and exhibitions. CPP produced Las Vegas ~ Imagination to Reality, a 280-page tabletop editorial book illustrated with 553 striking photographs of the “Entertainment Capital of the World”; Cultural Portraits of India, a 216-page book with 211 photographs and an accompanying touring exhibition of 70 photographs; and Cultural Portraits of Indonesia (limited edition book, out of print) with an accompanying exhibition of 50 photographs. Museums and universities (only those with large gallery spaces) can contact CPP for the specifications and requirements to book either exhibition.
Educational Creative Art Workshops focused on Las Vegas, India or Indonesia and based on Hebberd's books can be booked by schools and organizations.

Hebberd is currently working on producing two new tabletop books. One will be a sequel book on Las Vegas entitled Las Vegas ~ City of Reinvention. The other book celebrates Dubai and is entitled Dubai ~ Imagination to Reality. Both of these books are long-term projects.


Hebberd also has a stock library of high-resolution aerial photographs of various cities (USA & Canada) taken from a blimp; email Lindsay for specific aerial photograph requests..

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Lindsay Hebberd
President of CPP, Inc.

Hebberd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications from the University of Texas at Austin. For 28 years she has photographed in over 50 countries and has accumulated dozens of multi-national corporate clients. Her work is published in several hundred international and national publications, and her solo photo exhibitions have toured extensively. She conducts educational art workshops and works with numerous charitable organizations.

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